Stop illegal cattle ranching in Nicaragua.
Enact strong, transparent supply chain controls.
Require US beef importers to adhere to environmental commitments.

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We, the undersigned, demand greater transparency and stricter controls of Nicaragua’s beef supply chains, the prosecution of illegal cattle ranchers operating illegally in the Indio-Maiz Biological Reserve, and an end to American beef importers importing and selling conflict beef to unsuspecting consumers. 

According to Nicaraguan law, it is illegal to buy and sell cattle raised in Indigenous territories and protected areas. Cattle ranchers and buyers are “legally” required to register cattle when sold at auction houses, and truck drivers and slaughterhouses must report the movements of the cattle. The information is then recorded in a confidential government database. 

However, this traceability system is plagued by corruption and a lack of transparency. It is inaccessible to organizations with independent oversight authority. 

For these reasons, we demand that: 

  • Nicaragua’s beef supply chain enacts stricter controls and greater transparency
  • The Nicaraguan government allows an independent audit of the traceability system
  • Indigenous and environmental organizations are given access to view information linked to illegal cattle in Indigenous territories and protected areas. 
  • The government investigates and prosecutes illegal cattle ranchers and auction houses that sell and buy cattle raised in protected areas. 
  • American and other importers stop buying beef from slaughterhouses that source their cattle from Indigenous territories and protected areas.

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  • Stop Illegal Cattle Ranching in Nicaragua
  • Enact Strong, Transparent Supply Chain Controls
  • Require US Beef Importers to Adhere to Their Environmental Commitments

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